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Joachim Low Spec
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Hard run tricks and tips


First, and this is a MASSIVE requirement, be PATIENT. Seriously. A successful run is a run out of 30 fails, due to RNG issue.
Second, the only way to beat the game is a super aggressive technique. No ion/drones, no teleport, no RGN technique (like missiles)
Third, you must already be a game veteran, and know all the mechanics and all events and how to react for the best. The wiki will be your best friend
The best ships in hard are:
-The osprey (3 runs in this ship): start with good crew (no need to buy additional crew) , artillery that will save your life : if a fight is too long , it’s that you are losing , but the artillery will most likely charged up badly damaging enemy ship , and it’s also deadly versus the end boss.

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